About us

In 1815 three brothers, David, Peter & Thomas Whitehead formed a textile company in the Rossendale Valley. The company has a long and fascinating past with many twists and turns.

We are currently focussing on the 1950s and 60s.

The 1950s saw the company taking a new and radical turn. The austerity of World War Two was over and there was rapid progress in printing techniques.
Former war time bomb sites gave way to new houses and flats. These new dwellings were often uniform in appearance and the bright new occupants wanted to personalise their homes. Fashionable & contemporary soft furnishings were born and David Whiteheads were leading the way.
These new fabrics were designed by artists. For example, Sir Terence Conran, Marian Mahler and Jacqueline Groag, among others all sold many designs to Whiteheads.

It’s a small handful of these iconic designs that we will return to the market in very short print runs so please watch this website.
Soon we will put up a pre order facility.